Records of the extra-curricular programming focused on food at HWS dates back to the late 1970s/early 1980s. If you are an alumni that would like to contribute to the Food Studies Archive by providing a personal reflection or if you are aware of past food-themed extra-curricular offerings at HWS, please contact

~Late 1980s- to mid-1990s~

Farm Club and Farm House

Faculty Advisers: Professor Doc Heaton, Professor Richard Mason
Club Requirements: In order to be a member, students must have completed the course "World Hunger" by Professor Doc Heaton, as well as shown a general interest in food, cooking, and sustainable agriculture. The Farm Club started the first co-op on campus, fittingly named the Farm House. Club members lived at 169 St. Clair Street, which is still called the Farm House, although it currently houses general students [pictured below]. Members shopped, baked, canned, cooked, and shared kitchen chores equally.

Farm House.png
A view of the Farm House from St Clair Street.

Food Production: On its three garden plots the club produced winter squash, sunflowers, mixed vegetables, culinary herbs, and cut flowers. Each member of the club was held to a high standard when it came to maintaining the club's three gardens -- building beds, planting, transplanting, weeding, pruning, harvesting and distributing. Any extra harvest went to other co-ops and the food shelf in Geneva, continuing the Farm Club tradition of making generous food donations.The largest of the student-run gardens was a 1 acre plot donated by a dairy/corn farmer. The farmer would plow the land for the students each spring. 1/3 of the acre was cover cropped, 1/3 grew winter squash and sunflowers, and the last 1/3 had mixed vegetables.The other two gardens were small 20'x20' plots located in back of the Farm House. One was for culinary herbs and the other for cut flowers.
"They grew a lot of grains and had them milled at a mill in Geneva. They donated all the flour to the homeless shelters and food insecure." -- Emmett Dunbar '94, former club member and present owner of Anjali Farm

Weekly Vegetarian Potluck Dinners: The Farm Club held vegetarian pot-luck dinners, open to all, in the Farm House every Thursday.
  • About 12-14 HWS students and the occasional Professor or off campus guest attended the dinners each week.
  • Each dinner featured a topic of discussion, which served to shed light on various political, environmental, and social impacts related to the consciousness about food production, distribution and consumption.
  • Club members learned cooking skills and appreciation for where ingredients came from.
  • "We worked together together with shared responsibilities... We shopped, baked, canned, cooked and shared all the kitchen chores equally." -- Emmett Dunbar '94

Composting Program: The Farm Club also maintained a composting program that extended to the 8 other co-op houses on campus. Each co-op kitchen kept a 5-gallon bucket that the Farm Club collected once a week and replaced with an empty bucket. A pickup truck was used to aggregate the compost, and then transport it to 3 to 6 permanent composting bins located at the off-campus garden plot. The bins were constructed of recycled pallets and were arranged side by side so that once one bin was filled the next bin could be started. By the time the 3rd or 4th bin was full, the first was ready for use in the garden.


Home Grown Harvest
Description: Executive Chef Ben Gallinaro and Retail Marketing Director of Dining Services Duane Bortz worked together to purchase and feature products from local farms and markets for a "Home Grown Harvest" right in our own dining hall. Produce from six local farms was used in the dinner, including Pedersen Farms, Seneca Castle; Red Jacket Orchards, Geneva; Seneca Vegetables, Hall; Gale-Wyn Farms, Canandaigua; Tomions Farm Market, Penn Yan; and Happy Goat Farm, Naples.
[Daily Update]


Organic Garden by Abbe Center

TWIP Image: Sometimes "going green" means having a green thumb. Prabi Basnet '09 plants and maintains an organic garden in the backyards of the Abbe Center for Jewish Life and Beta Sigma along with Samuel Georgian '10, Katherine Hoering '10 and Kerry O'Neill '09.
[Pulteney St. Survey]

~ 2012~

Sustainable Foods Club and Campus Garden

Faculty Adviser: Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute, 2012- present
The Club was created in May 2012 by former student Derek Weiss '12, and since then has moved beyond gardening and into promoting social awareness of campus-wide, regional, and global food issues.
Club Leadership (Co-/Presidents)
Fall 2015-Spring 2015
President: Pascale Grossnickle '16; Vice President: Sarah Kloos '18; Treasurer: Soren Anders MacLeod '18;
Garden Manager: Erika Brown '18
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
Mollie Kenerson '15, Kelly Mauch '17
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Sarah Buckleitner '14 [Spring and Fall), Megan Ulin [Fall], Mekala Bertocci [Spring 2014]
Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
Eileen Olaf '
Spring 2012
Derek Weiss '12 founds Club
HWS Campus Garden: The campus garden, located in the back of the first-year parking lot, is a small-scale permaculture site that provides students with the opportunity to grow food throughout the school year, become familiarized with permaculture methods, and develop a passion for gardening. It serves as a community garden, encouraging all students to lend a hand in the planting, care-taking, and harvesting of garden produce. To enable a longer growing season, the garden contains cold frames, which are miniature greenhouses. Each cold frame uses a translucent top, angled towards the south to maximize the capture of solar radiation throughout the day.
  • Cold Frame Handbook by Derek Weiss '12
  • DU Article, 9/5/2012: HWS Community Garden Fourishes [Direct Link]
  • DU Article 11/18/2011, : Landi '08 on WHEC-TV [PDF] [Direct Link]
  • Ideas for future HWS Gardens Initiatives by Derek Weiss, written July 2012
  • Crops Grown in 2012:Basil, Beans, Carrots, Chickpeas, Cilantro, Corn, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Peas, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Squash, Strawberries, Swiss Chard, Thyme, Tomatoes, and Watermelon


Food Day 2013 (October 24th, 2013)

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.52.38 AM.png
Food Day A Success at HWS 11/5/13 [Daily Update]

Celebrate Food Day 10/22/13 [Daily Update]

"Real Food, Real Talk" Open Forum
7 to 9 p.m. in the Sanford Room
Panelists include: Tatiana Bruno '05, restaurateur; Andy Fellenz, Fellenz Family Farm and CSA; Hope Galens, Galens Homestead Acres; and representatives from Sodexo Dining Services. The open forum panel included a variety of food vendors from the Finger Lakes region that sell food in different ways, including CSAs, direct sale, restaurants and through institutions. The purpose of the discussion is to offer insight to the challenges and limitations some farmers, business managers, chefs, and others endure in an attempt to promote sustainable economies and a strong local food system.

100-Mile Meal in Saga
Foods grown within 100 miles of campus will be served at the two serving stations in the center of the dining room; one station will have a vegetarian meal made from local farms and the other will have meat.

Weigh the Waste
A team of Sodexo Dining Services employees worked behind the scenes at every meal to take organic material from trays in order to be diverted from the landfill and reused in other useful products. Instead of going to the landfill, HWS ensures that the waste is instead recycled into soil. "This is why the events within Saga were so important for students to learn about what Saga is doing and see their commitment to sustainability," Maurer says.

HWS Campus Farmers Market
October 24th, 2013 (Food Day)
Location: Scandling Center, Front lawn
Coordinator: Adam Maurer, Finger Lakes Institute
  • Ever Green Farm
  • Seneca Vegetables
  • Red Jacket Orchards
  • and more...
Other Tables:
  • FSEM The Secret Life of Food: Students present interesting facts about the various foods they studied all semester
  • Real Food Challenge Working Group
  • Sustainable Foods Club

The farmers' market was a significant event, offering the HWS and local community an opportunity to purchase local and sustainable products, and to interact with the growers. "The purpose wasn't for people to purchase things, but to raise awareness," says Maurer. "People at least slowed down and had a conversation with the farmers or stopped to talk to students that were tabling. It was really successful in that aspect." The event was also successful and enjoyable for vendors, as they showcased their products and engaged with members of the HWS community. "I think the event worked to encourage students about local food because it was available right at their fingertips," says Joe Zerby of Evergreen Farms, Rock Stream, N.Y., one of the farmers. "They were able to talk to the person who grew the food. Just being visible with the veggies planted a seed in students."
For the daily update recapping the Food Day farmers market, click here


HWS Campus Farmers Market

April 10th, 2014
Location: Scandling Center, Cafe Patio
Coordinator: Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute
Other Tables:
  • Real Food Challenge Working Group (Mekala Bertocci, FLI Intern)
  • Sustainable Foods Club
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension (Canandaigua, NY)
  • Sodexo: Mindful Campaign
Press: HWS Hosts Farmers Market 4/2/14 [Daily Update][
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Earth Week 2014: Food-Related Events

Dirt! documentary viewing
Monday, April 21 in Napier 202 at 7pm.
Sponsored by Campus Greens, the film takes a humorous and substantial look into the history and current state of dirt. Inspired by William Bryant Logan's acclaimed book, "Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth," the film explores the ways in which industrial farming, mining, and urban development have endangered the soil and resulted in cataclysmic droughts, starvation, floods, and climate change. Ultimately, it poses the question: How can humans reconnect to dirt - the living skin of the Earth?

Campus Farm Tours
Tuesday, April 22 from 4:30-7:30pm
Community members had the opportunity to tour the Fribolin Farm. The 33-acre property was recently donated to the Colleges and a committee of faculty, staff and students is working to develop innovative, experiential curricula utilizing the farm's many resources. Tours were led by the Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute and David Iannicello, HWS Buildings and Grounds.

Malik Yakini: on "Fostering Food Security and Food Justice"
Wednesday, April 23 in the Geneva Room from 7:30-9:30pm
Malik's talk addressed the work of, and lessons learned from, the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network's eight years of building community self-determination projects in the areas of urban farming, policy development, youth programming, co-operative purchasing and consciousness raising. It will stress the need for justice and equity being foundational values of the "food movement."

Think Global, Act Local: World's Fair Dinner & A Place at the Table documentary viewing
Thursday, April 24 in Saga from 5:30-9:30pm
After learning about the food systems of countries around the world at the World's Fair Dinner in Saga, the Sustainable Foods Club sponsored the documentary showing of "A Place at the Table." The film unpacked the seemingly simple problem of hunger in the US, and asked why so many go hungry in a country with more than enough food to go around. Local ice cream was provided.

Chili Cook-Off on the Quad
Organized by the Sustainable Foods Club, students, faculty, and staff were challenged to bring their most delicious and sustainable vegan, veggie, or meat chili to the table in a competition for $50 to Red Dove. Provided with crock-pots, contestants were required to list the ingredients used and a source location for each. Contestants were judged in front of a faculty/staff panel (Sarah Meyer of the FLI, Tara Curtin and Dave Finkenstein of the Geoscience Department) based on their chili's appearance, taste, creativity, support for local businesses, and ingredient miles travele

Food Week 2014

October 17-24, 2014
Coordinator: Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute
Committee Members: Finger Lakes Institute, Office of Sustainability, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, Office of Student Activities, Office of Residential Education, Sustainable Foods Club, Sustainable Foods House, Office of Religious Ministries, Intercultural Affairs, HWS Environmental Studies Program, HWS History Department, HWS Fribolin Farm Committee, Sodexo, WHWS Radio, and community partners, such as Ontario County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Red Jacket Orchards, Geneva’s Community Lunch Program, and Bejo Seeds.
  • HWS Turns Food Day to Food Week, Finger Lakes Times, October 17, 2014; page 3A
  • Celebrate and Learn About Food, Finger Lakes Times; page 2
  • The Big Crunch, Finger Lakes Times; photo by Spencer Tullis
  • Food Week For All, FLI Happenings by Sarah Meyer
  • Local Food, Farm Exhibit, HWS Daily Update, 09/30/2014
  • HWS Food Week Underway, HWS Daily Update, 09/11/2014
  • Ecofeminism, Veganism Discussion, HWS Daily Update, 10/16/2014

Food Week Events:
Ecofeminism and Veganism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth
Geneva Room, Warren Hunting Smith Library
This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St. For more information, contact Joel Helfrich at

Sustainable Saturday: Make Your Own Cheese and Crackers!
Chaplain's Residence (630 S. Main St.)Students! Make your own cheese and crackers at this Sustainable Saturday event led by HWS Chaplain Rev. Lesley Adams. For more information, contact

Fields of Food Harvest Help
Off Campus
A perfect hands-on experience in the fields of Bejo Seeds, a local experimental farm and agribusiness! Participants will join Prof. Susanne McNally's Food Systems class as they harvest cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes, and sweet peppers by hand. The produce will be donated to Food Link Rochester to be included in community lunches all over the Finger Lakes region. To participate, contact Professor Susanne McNally at before 10/10. Information on preferred attire and provided transportation is available. This event is free and open to the public.

Day of Service – Food and Agriculture Service Sites
HWS QuadHWS students show their commitment to community engagement during several Days of Service throughout the academic year. During each, volunteers from campus and the surrounding area come together with the common purpose of giving back to the greater Geneva community. We hope to focus many of our sites this year on the theme of food and hunger alleviation. This DOS echoes the Food Day national theme of food access and justice. To sign up, contact HWS Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning Assistant Director Jeremy Wattles at

Sustainable Foods Club Meeting
Sustainable Foods House (704 S. Main St.)Students! The HWS Sustainable Foods Club builds community through food while expanding awareness of sustainable food choices. They also manage the HWS Campus Garden. Attend this meeting if you are interested in food, in all aspects – culinary, production, health and nutrition, activism, justice, etc. Each meeting has a fun food-related activity for attendees. For more information, contact co-presidents Kelly Mauch at or Mollie Kenerson at

WHWS 105.7 FM Food Themed Radio Show
105.7 FM
Enjoy rocking out to songs about food! DJ ‘Girl In A Hat’ Virginia DeWees ‘16 will mix up an hour of gastronomic tunes that mention food, celebrate food, and bring awareness to edibles and what we eat! Listen in to 105.7 FM for highlights of upcoming HWS Food Week events!
Sodexo Apple Taste Test
HWS Saga Dining HallStudents! Swing by Saga to taste the apples of the region! Which is your favorite? Sodexo will display and offer tastings of different local apples and apple cider from Red Jacket Orchards.

Cayuga Creamery Ice Cream Stand
HWS Coxe Hall Patio
To celebrate Food Week, come grab a scoop of your favorite locally made ice cream! Traditional and unique flavors will be sold, as well as those for special diets (lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, etc.). Cayuga Lake Creamery comes to campus from Interlaken, NY. Don't forget to bring cash! Kiddie $2.75; 1 Scoop $3.25; 2 scoop $4.00; 3 Scoop $4.75; Sprinkles $0.25.
Student International Potluck Dinner
HWS Sustainable Foods House (704 S. Main St.)
Students! Build a global community around food! Bring a dish to pass to the Sustainable Foods House to share cultural cuisine while building a taste for international foods and traditional and modern ethnic dishes. For more information, contact Kelly Mauch at

Farm Tour and Visiting Farm Animals
HWS Fribolin Farm (56 White Springs Lane)
Spend some time at the HWS Fribolin Farm enjoying a tour and a chance to meet some visiting farm animals. Pack a blanket for sitting by the pond and taking in the fresh air. Tours of the farm will be provided by Sarah Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute. On this tour you will be able to visit the new high tunnel where greens are being grown by students for the Geneva community. A continuous shuttle will be offered from the North Medbery Lot. WALK!! It's only 30 minutes! BIKE! It’s only 15 minutes! The Office of Sustainability is coordinating a group commute! To commute or carpool, contact HWS Sustainability Manager Adam Maurer at

Film “Place At The Table” and Panel Discussion
Vandervort Room, Scandling Center
Follow the journey of food insecurity and the serious implications that hunger poses in America with A Place at the Table.” Also included with the viewing will be a panel discussion with local service providers in Geneva whose work centers on nutrition and, hunger alleviation, and food security. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St., Geneva. For more information, contact HWS Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning Assistant Director Jeremy Wattles at

Sacheli’s Farm Food Truck
Coxe Hall Patio
Celebrate Food Week with lunch out! Visit the Sacheli's Farm Food Truck to chomp on a menu of local and seasonal ingredients! Choices may include chicken Parmesan with tomato basil sauce, onion rings, and apple fritters! As always, top it with some Franjo Farms Onion Jellies.Don't forget to bring cash!

Pasta Night
Chaplain’s Residence (630 S. Main St.)
Students! Build community around food! Join together to make and enjoy an all local and homemade pasta dinner! All of the ingredients of the sauce are grown locally, even on the HWS Campus Farm! Cooking begins at 5:00 pm and volunteers are always welcome! The dinner is hosted at the Chaplain's Residence (630 S. Main St.). For more information, contact HWS Chaplain Rev. Lesley Adams at

"A Working History of Food and Farm in the Finger Lakes" Exhibit Reception
Finger Lakes Institute (601 S. Main St.)Curious about food? Did you know HWS students have been gardening on campus since the 70s? What are the historic crops of the Finger Lakes? Visit the newest exhibit at the Finger Lakes Institute, "A Working History of Food and Farm in the Finger Lakes", which focuses on bringing to light the history of farming and gardening locally and regionally. Learn about the unique history of the HWS Campus Farm and the told and untold stories of our food system. Local refreshments provided. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available on S. Main St. or in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St.

Seasonal Cooking Demos!
Finger Lakes Institute (601 S. Main St.)Hope Galens, Ontario County's CCE Local Food Educator, will provide cooking demonstrations of dishes using local, seasonal ingredients that can be prepared with minimal kitchen space, a tight budget, and for busy schedules. Attendees will be able to observe how to create dishes realistic for college students and busy family lifestyles. Recipes and tastings will be provided as well as advice for shopping locally. Before, after, and between demonstrations, visit the Finger Lakes Institute's new "Working History of Food and Farm in the Finger Lakes" educational exhibit. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available on S. Main St. or in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St. This event is offered in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County.

Community Lunch Program Volunteer Opportunity
First United Methodist Church (340 Main St.)
Celebrate Food Week by helping prepare a nutritious, hot meal for the hungry! The campus community is invited to volunteer for the Geneva Community Lunch Program which is a reoccurring opportunity. For two months out of the school year, the Colleges' community is in charge of Thursdays with the local community "soup kitchen." Students, sometimes with the help of faculty and staff, plan, prepare, and serve lunch to those in need in the Geneva area, as well as spend time with them over the meal. This is a very popular service and new volunteers are always welcome. Contact HWS Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning Assistant Director Jeremy Wattles at to sign up.

Film: "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" and Discussion
Albright Auditorium
This is the film that environmental organizations don't want you to see. "COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret" is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world's leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. As eye-opening as "Blackfish" and as inspiring as "An Inconvenient Truth," this shocking, yet humorous documentary reveals the absolutely devastating environmental impact large-scale factory farming has on our planet. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available on S. Main St. or in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St.

HWS Campus Farmers Market
October 24, 2014 (Food Day)
Scandling Center, Rear Café Patio
Thank a farmer! Eat locally! Cook seasonally! Stop by the Campus Farmers Market to purchase fresh produce and products of the Finger Lakes region! Sign up for a CSA! Vendors will be selling vegetables, eggs, cheese, maple products, jams, mustards, and more! To make this a more sustainable event, we ask that customers bring their own reusable bag! Bring Your Own Bag NY will be present offering educational materials about the impact of plastic bags and will provide reusable bags to market customers! Organized by the Finger Lakes Institute. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to 300 Pulteney St.
Coordinator: Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute
Other Tables:
  • Sustainable Foods Club
  • Bring Your Own Bag NY

Big Apple Crunch during Farmers Market
Scandling Center Rear Café Patio
It’s apple season in the Finger Lakes! The Big Apple Crunch is a fun way to celebrate seasonal, local and healthy eating. Let’s help set a world record for the “Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event.” Begun in NYC in 2012, this synchronized apple-biting event has expanded nationally. Bite into a local apple together at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and be a part of a huge event! This event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the North Medbery Lot adjacent to Pulteney St. Sponsored by Red Jacket Orchards.

After Dark Series Presents Apple Fest
Caird Hall Kitchen and Lounge
Students! Join the Office of Student Activities and compete in an apple cook-off! Simply find a recipe that involves the use of apples, prepare it for guest tastings, and bring it to the event to be judged! The Office of Student Activities will take submissions in early October (look for follow up emails then) and even provide the apples for the recipes. We hope you will participate! For more information, contact Office of Student Activities Assistant Director Jessie Marullo-Stamp at

Gluten Free Club

President (2013-14): Olivia Woodruff
The Gluten Free Club was founded in the spring of 2013 by Samuel Deluccia. They hold weekly gluten-free dinners.

Sustainable Foods/L.O.F.T (Local Organic Food Today) Theme House

Adviser: Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute
2014 House Manager: Kelly Mauch '17

Community Lunch Program

First United Methodist Churth (340 Main St.)
For two months out of the school year, the Colleges' community is in charge of Thursdays with the local community "soup kitchen." Students, sometimes with the help of faculty and staff, plan, prepare, and serve lunch to those in need in the Geneva area, as well as spend time with them over the meal. Students can and do volunteer at other times as well. This is a very popular service and new volunteers are always welcome. For more information, contact Jeremy Wattles, Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning.

Sustainable Saturdays

  • Bread Making: includes tutorials, lunch and visits to Normal Bread, a Geneva bakery
  • Apple-Picking & Pie-Making
  • Cider and Cider Vinegar-Making
  • Grape-Picking at Venture Vineyards (Lodi, NY) & Jelly-Making
  • Tomato-Canning for Pasta Nights
  • Field Trip to PeaceWorks Organic Farm: includes Maypole dancing, wildflower tour, farm tour, potluck meal
  • Field Trip to Schoff & Gillis Sugar Hill Maple Syrup Farm (Victor, NY)
  • Yogurt-Making & Field Trip to Galens Homestead Acres raw milk dairy (Clifton Springs, NY)
  • Bee-Keeping

Sustainable Saturdays.pngPie-Making.pngApple Picking.png

Wednesday Night Pasta Dinners


Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge is a nationally recognized student-driven initiative to bring more local, fair, ecologically sound and humane food products to college dining services. In 2014 the Sustainable Foods Club created a subcommittee that consisted of the Real Food Challenge Task Force, led by Kelly Mauch '17 and Stacey Davis '14. Their goal for 2014-2015 was determined to be 1) Complete and distribute the 'Student Values of Food Served in HWS Dining Halls', 2) Plan and budget for 5 students to attend RFC official training, and 3) Complete the RFC calculator by analyzing the Sodexo receipts collected by Mekala Bertocci '14, FLI RFC Intern, in Spring 2014. The Finger Lakes Institute created a Real Food Challenge Advisory Committee under the leadership of Sarah A. Meyer. The committee consists of Robin Lewis (HWS Environmental Studies Program) and Adam Maurer (HWS Office of Sustainability). The Committee met every 2-3 weeks during Fall 2014.

In 2013, HWS students Mollie Kenerson '15, Mekala Bertocci '14, and Stacey Davis '15 attended the Real Food Challenge Summit (Fall 2013) in Minnesota. Expenses were afforded by the HWS Environmental Studies Program with a final report submitted to the ES Program and Deans Office. In November 2013, eight HWS students attended a RFC Calculator Training. Students certified to conduct the calculator analysis included Maggie O'Reilly, Kelly Mauch '17, Mollie Kenerson '15, Stacey Davis '15, Nate Weiss', and Mekala Bertocci '14 with Sodexo staff Mark Robinson made the administrator of the calculator (with no editing capabilities). In December 2013, the Sustainable Foods Club conducted a brainstorming meeting to create subcommittees and goal setting for the Real Food Challenge. At the time, the Real Food Task Force included Mollie Kenerson '15, Taylor Anderson ', Jordan Mueller ', Mekala Bertocci'14, Stacey Davis '15, and Maggie O'Reilly '. In Fall 2014, Ellie Barnard, Kelly Mauch, and Alex Lamott were added to the Task Force. As of Spring 2014, there were a group of certified RFC Researchers : Adam Maurer (staff); Hannah Brunelle '13, Mollie Kenerson '15, Jordan Mueller ', Maggie O'Reilly, Kelly Mauch '17, Stacey Davis '15, Mekala Bertocci '14, and Nathan Weiss.

The Finger Lakes Institute has been consistently supportive if the student initiative of the Real Food Challenge. In Fall 2013, Mollie Kenerson '15 interned at the FLI to programmatically plan for RFC at HWS. She created a student survey, but did not have time to distribute before traveling abroad. She also coordinated a public 'Love Local' event which invited vendors to Bicentennial Park in Geneva in August 2013. Mollie was supervised by Lisa Cleckner, Adam Maurer, and Sarah A. Meyer of the Finger Lakes Institute. In Spring 2014, Mekala Bertocci '14 was hired as an intern to support and coordinate RFC activities and initiatives. Mekala focused her time on obtaining purchasing receipts and invoice records from Sodexo, completing the student survey created by Mollie Kenerson '15, and establishing recognition of RFC amongst her peers on campus. Mekala tabled at the April 2014 HWS Farmers Market. Mekala was supervised by Sarah A. Meyer of the Finger Lakes Institute.

Miscellaneous Food Events

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner: at the Chaplain's Residence in celebration of Mardi Gras
Easter Egg Dying for Geneva Community Lunch Program
30 Hour Famine: In conjunction with Campus Peer Ministry to learn about hunger and fundraise to help feed and care for children living in poverty.
Tea and Poetry: An inter-faith gathering for Women's History Month to share poems and conversation over tea and snacks


Real Food Challenge

Reclaiming Real Food Event, April 2015

HWS Real Food Challenge Petition, April-May 2015 - 538 signatures

Senior Integrated Experience - Feasibility Analysis of Real Food Challenge at HWS by Caroline Demeter '16 [PDF]

Summer Real Food Challenge Intern at FLI: Stacey Davis'16 - Supervised by Sarah A. Meyer, FLI 07/31/2015 [ Daily Update]
  • Student Food Values in HWS Campus Dining Halls- Survey Analysis PDF
    • RFC Survey Analysis Factsheet PDF
  • Real Food Challenge Timeline PDF
  • HWS Real Food Challenge Calculator Factsheet PDF
  • Creation of a shared drive for transparency and resource sharing between the RFC Working Group and RFC Advisory Committee
  • Proposed two Fall 2015 interns to work on RFC Calculator and HWS Food Policy