food careers and work from HWS alumni/ae


Perpetual Green Gardens
Derek Weiss '12 partners with his brother to install permaculture systems and earth powered greenhouses in Bozeman, Montana. For more information about the mission, services, and practices of Perpetual Green Gardens, click here.
Sample Greenhouse.png
A sample Perpetual Green Gardens greenhouse.

TRAIN all-natural chewing gum
train gum.jpg
Sam Singer '13
Singer has created and launched an all-natural chewing gum called "Train," which includes just four ingredients: chicle, sugar, water, and flavoring. Singer's idea began in 2012 as a submission to The Pitch, the Colleges' student entrepreneur competition. (See HWS Daily Update here.) Train Gum is now based in Somerville, MA and is currently available in the College Store and 6 retail store locations:
  • Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge MA
  • Spirited Gourmet, Belmont MA
  • Gordon’s Fine Wine and Liquors, Waltham MA
  • Volante Farms, Needham MA
  • Fit to Eat, Portland ME
  • HWS College Store, Geneva NY

Thrive Ice Cream
Frank Everett '73
(See HWS Daily Update here.)

Emmett Dunbar2.jpg

Anjali Farm & Lotus Moon Medicinals
Emmett Dunbar '94, also cofounder of the Manchester Farmers’ Market, the Vermont Farm Trail and the Vermont Farmers’ Market Association, owns and operates Anjali Farm, located in South Londonderry, VT, since 2000. The farm grows 4 acres of mixed annual vegetables, herbs, several perennial crops: medicinal herbs, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears and hops. There is 4,000 sq. ft. of additional greenhouse production that expands more than three seasons. The farm sells this produce at farmers markets year-round, to restaurants, at a farmstand and to a CSA. It hosts on-farm special events, including workshops, educational opportunities for elementary through college age students in the barn 'classrooms,' community picnics, and on-site farm-to-table dinners led by professional chefs.
Emmett Dunbar5.jpg"While living and working in Southern Vermont as an organic farmer and teacher, I realized sharing my knowledge and experience in sustainable agriculture was paramount. I did not think experiencing all the questions and answers about agriculture from excited students on our farm would be the most inspiring lesson, but it is! Developing educational opportunities and special events for the community, both on and off the farm, has been a crucial component to the growth of our local foodshed and who I am. During this time of unparalleled growth in local foods, it is exciting to see the farm become an important part of our community. Farming has been an important part of my life and through it I have been creating curriculums that incorporate young students into our Vermont hill side farm operations and daily chores for more than a decade."
Click here for Emmett Dunbar's detailed business plan and projection for Anjali Farms as of 2013.

Adam's Berry Farm
Adam Haussman '94

FastForno Neopolitan pizza restaurant
Kevin Cox '05

Careers in Food Writing/Communications

Drury Mackenzie '03
Representative for Fruition Seeds (Naples, NY)

Food Careers in Policy
Eric Hanson '00
Baystate Organic Certifiers, a USDA accredited organic certification agency


  • David and his team work hard to subtly incorporate native, edible plants into the campus landscape:
  • Kale in Medbery islands
  • Support of HWS campus garden by bringing water to the garden, providing a rain barrel, maintenance to the area, provide a shed.
  • Supply and help plant fruit trees at the garden
  • Supply and help plant edible trees on WS Green
  • Pruning apple trees located in backyard of 295 Pulteney Street

2014 plans
  • All 12 trees and 7 shrubs planted April 12 on Blackwell Green were edible varieties: Chestnut, persimmon, hazelnut, blueberry and paw paw. Planted in conjunction with Susanne McNally’s Food Systems in History class and TreeCampus USA.
  • 3 Blueberry bushes are planted in pots and placed on the Scandling patio for the season.
  • 3 self-watering pots will be planted with herbs to be placed by Scandling patio tables.
  • Kale will be planted in select locations with other plants in various beds around campus.
  • We continue to support Dean McNally’s initiatives as well as Fribolin Farm initiatives as they are developed, such as, the planting of tomatoes, peppers and herbs for Leslie Adams’ pasta nights throughout the semester.