When seeking information and creating knowledgeable networks, it is best to look around you and understand your social capital. This listing of HWS alumni, faculty, and staff helps us realize our breadth of knowledge, skill and support for past food studies and future food-ventures. If you are aware of someone that should be included on this list for future reference, please contact smeyer@hws.edu.

HWS Alumni

  • Reina Apraez '11, created the Cooperative Permaculture Garden [Daily Update]
  • Mark Dissin '77, vice president of production at the Food Network [Daily Update]
  • Tina Wasserman (wife of Dr. Richard L. Wasserman '70), author, food columnist, chef and award-winning cooking instructor [Daily Update]
  • Derek Weiss '12, founder of HWS Sustainable Foods Club and campus garden (2012); co-founder of Perpetual Green Gardens [HWS Profile]
  • Paul Cawood Hellmund P'14, author and sustainable landscape expert [Daily Update]
  • Courtney Apple '08, Photographs farmers markets in Philadelphia [Daily Update] [PDF]
  • Frank Everett '73, founder of Thrive Frozen Nutrition [Daily Update]
  • Sarah Kunin '09, food and lifestyle producer at Good Morning America (GMA) [Daily Update]
  • Jackson Bartell '14,works for Plant Genetics Research Unit (PGRU) at the Cornell Agriculture and Food Park [Daily Update]
  • Ellen Ecker Ogden '76, noted author and garden designer [Pulteney St. Survey]
  • Andrew Hardi '82, owner of Dave and Andy's Ice cream Store [Daily Update]
  • Nathaniel French '10, participated in Bocuse d'Or International Culinary Competition in 2010 [Daily Update] [Daily Update]
  • John Pulos '70, P'07 and wife Maryalice P'07, Catering For Two catering business in Montour Falls, NY [Daily Update]
  • Lynn Hoffman '65, novelist, professional photographer, executive chef/owner of an Italian restaurant, a college professor, Ph.D. in anthropology, author of books on beer and wine, founder of the Drexel University culinary arts program (in 1994) and 'sailing bum,' [Daily Update]
  • Casson Trenor '00, consultant for Tataki, America's first sustainable sushi restaurant [Daily Update]
  • Eric Korsh '98, owner and chef at NYC bistro Calliope [Daily Update]
  • Maureen Collins Zupan '72, P'09, Chair of the Board of Trustees, featured on National Public Radio (NPR) program "All Things Considered." for their food-focused Christmas traditions [Daily Update]
  • Jean Collins Van Etten '74, featured on National Public Radio (NPR) program "All Things Considered." for their food-focused Christmas traditions [Daily Update]
  • Peter Callahan '81, owner of glatt kosher PCK Catering Company and Callihan Catering; and author of "Bite By Bite: 100 Stylish Plates You Can Make for Any Party." [Daily Update]
  • Becky Selengut '92, producer of http://seasonalcornucopia.com/ and Outstanding Culinarian of the Year Award [Pulteney St. Survey]



  • Joseph Hatfield /'Showtime Joe', Campus Chef and Honorary Hobart Graduate [Daily Update]
  • Mark Love, Sodexo Chef awarded 'Circle of Customer Excellence Award' in 2010 [Daily Update]
  • Ellie Molina, Sodexo Baker and has worked for Walt Disney World and later enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America [Daily Update]
  • Roberta Whitwood, assistant to Dean Mapstone and owner of Seneca Vegetables
  • David Mapstone, Dean and farmer
  • Leslie Adams, Chaplain and beekeeper
  • Sarah A. Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute, beekeeper, food preserver and gardener
  • David Iannicello, Grounds Manager, beekeeper, gardener


NYS Agricultural Experiment Station [Pulteney St. Survey]
Geneva a 'Food Town' [Daily Update]